User-friendly utility with rich data visualization enables the leadership of an F100 biopharmaceutical company to optimize supply chain


The client is an established player in a few product categories. For these, the leadership wanted to micro-monitor components across the supply chain – such as plants, hubs, carrying and forwarding agents, and finally to the market – for manufacturing and sales operations.

The new system for supply-chain monitoring would have to:

By satisfying these parameters, the new system would help the leadership optimize the supply chain for key products.


MResult developed a sophisticated user-friendly interactive utility that efficiently captures variables such as forecast accuracy, stock transfers, supply accuracy, product returns, inventory aging, and short expiry Turnaround Time (TAT) related to sales orders, sales invoices, and order dispatched.

The new system allowed the leadership to:


The sophisticated user-friendly utility with data visualization delivered: 


Interactive visual interfaces that enable analysis at the lowest level of granularity


Improved accessibility to insights from data.


Better, real-time insights coupled with improved access to key metrics at different levels of granularity


Quick and easy KPI-based supply chain optimization.

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