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Content delivery & management for the Digital Enterprise

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Collaboration & Content Management

MResult has a specialized competency around content management and collaboration using platforms such as Microsoft Sharepoint and Confluence.

This competency has been built through several years of working with some of the largest consumers of content-scientific R&D teams in the pharmaceutical industry. The ability to implement comprehensive content systems and integrating them with Chatbots and other AI apps is a speciality that we offer.


Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Crafting Simplicity, Pixel perfect elegant user centric experience for your brand

Application Engineering

Application Engineering

Fast and Interactive, Feature-rich, fast and secure Web / Mobile / Cloud App

Content Engineering

Content Engineering

Web applications, intranet and extranet portals, documenting systems and collaboration interfaces

Operations Engineering

Operations Engineering

Ease of scaling with growth, Faster time to deployment with DevOps, monitoring and automation

Service Benefits

Content is king and organizations that leverage content effectively would derive tremendous competitive advantage. Using NLP and AI to parse and leverage content is the future and this is an area that MResult is fully invested in. Integrating Content systems with portals and other apps is critical for a Digitally enabled enterprise. While R&D is a big consumer, other areas like Marketing and Sales also needs online and real time accessible content.

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Case study

Experience & Resources

POC for Automating Forecasts for Revenue, EPS and P&L data

Business Objects reports package that integrates in LH .NET portal in less than three weeks.


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