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Go beyond collecting processing & analyzing your data.

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Reporting & Advanced Analytics

Orchestrate and compose your analytics across your data fabric. Deliver contextual answers and insights based on historical performance.

Talk to our expert for your customized composable analytics solutions from business impact-focused visualization and reporting, and find the perfect solution for your current needs.

Automated and Composable Analytics

Use low and no code approaches to make analysis more accessible. Assemble and generate reports on-the-fly with no technical dependency. Work with our experts to enable actionable timely insights through automated and composable analytics with your underlying data fabric.

Identify key business outcomes

Identify key business outcomes

Map targeted outcomes that align to business priorities and identify key metrics to support them.

Establish a culture of analytics

Establish a culture of analytics

Establish a culture and process for ongoing analyses. Calibrate and communicate risks of not sharing timely insights.

Automate data flows

Automate data flows to support ongoing analysis

Automate data flows to support ongoing analysis. Establish & automate the right flows with adequate governance measures. Ensure right access to the right data &insights aligned to roles.



Adapt and integrate the right technologies with required infrastructure and support. Establish and scale rights-driven access and sharing.

Augment and scale

Augment and scale

Augment the entire analytics workflow to increase data availability and create more robust analytics.

Case study

Experience & Resources

Customized access to reports and dashboards saves US$2 million in licensing cost for an F500 biopharmaceutical company

Advanced, on-the-go analytics helps a leading marketing agency build effective campaigns for its clients

User-friendly utility with rich data visualization enables the leadership of an F100 biopharmaceutical company to optimize supply chain

Self-service reporting helps the clinical trial cost management team improve efficiency and financial administration at F500 biopharmaceutical company


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