Process Enablement, Time Optimization for Literature using NLP Techniques for a HealthCare Company


Our Client was facing challenges with Literature reviews as it is a manual, time consuming and tedious process. They were unable to develop a solution as the challenges they faced were:


MResult developed a cutting-edge AI and cognitive solution for users working with literature data using technologies such as Python , NLP, NLTK , Web Scrapping. Machine Learning Algorithms such as LightGBM, XGBoost, Deep Learning, Pytorch, Word2Vec, Roberta, BERT pretrained models.

A pipeline of solutions were built to meet multiple requirements such as:



Literature Review and Summarization Processes were simplified and automated using Style Checker tool


Newly built tool accelerated Customer-Centric Innovation. Team's ability to gain insights and add breakthrough ideas to the hospital pipeline


Expedited the speed of literature reviews by reducing the number of manually processed abstracts

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