MResult’s teams helped Fortune-listed companies leverage AI innovatively to streamline processes, reduce human intervention & create better interactions between the organization & clients.


Organizations that are agile and lean create more value for their customers. MResult partnered with two Fortune-listed biopharma companies to create AI- and ML-based solutions that empowered teams to be nimble and innovative.

A Fortune 100 biopharma company wanted to:

A Fortune 500 biopharma company wanted to:


The MLabs teams put their expertise to work, breaking down the problem, identifying the gaps and innovating to address the customer’s pain points using custom, state-of-the-art AI and ML models.

The team partnered with the F100 biopharma company to:

For the Fortune 500 company, the MLabs team built a one-stop AI-powered chatbot that could:


Once the solutions were implemented, the F100 biopharma teams were able to:

Clients were able to gain critical, actionable insights on forecasting, improve the accuracy of decisions and ramp up internal user support quickly and efficiently.


Save time by accessing the application-based self-serve analytics model easily


Improve the accuracy of forecasting through additional insights gained by comparing forecasting methods based on a wider range of custom requirements.


Improve process efficiency for the RM&C team based on query-related insights & demonstrate an almost-immediate drop in the number of users needing agent support for low- to low-medium-risk RM&C complaints.

The F500 biopharma company was able to:


Boost efficiency of the global development team by enabling information retrieval from multiple reports at the click of a button.


Reduce turnaround time on queries by 6X, with 24/7 access to the teams from anywhere.

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