IP monitoring solution averts potential loss of US$3 billion across 3 geographies for a F100 biopharmaceutical company


The legal team at a global pharma major, manages a large portfolio of patents and trademarks spanning geographies. They were tasked with identifying patent and IP related risks and opportunities to increase revenues across geographies. A cumbersome manual process required querying across several sources maintained in SQL databases to generate reports. This meant a considerable lag in identifying and responding to risks and opportunities, leading to negative financial impact.

The client wanted a solution that would:


MResult built an online reporting and dashboarding solution that:



A single-pane-of-glass view of global patents updated in real-time enables efficient oversight by the legal team


Comprehensive, proactive monitoring of IP opportunities, risks and payments averted a potential revenue loss of US$3 billion loss across 4 products and 3 geographies.

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