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Data Management

Go beyond connecting data. Architect your data fabric and establish secure digital connections across your ecosystem.
Talk to our experts for custom-built, rapidly scalable data solutions- from data strategy to data re-engineering and data
democratization, and find the perfect solution for your current needs

Assess and align your spend with your data maturity

Depending on the maturity of data-led decisioning within your organization, there are multiple stages that your teams will encounter. Our experts can work with your teams to help identify how your data can be architected, re-engineered, and structured ground-up to support your business priorities.


Data quality and availability

Data silos are efficiently integrated and data is made available across the organization. Data is transformed from its existing state to make it digitally accessible.


Data re-engineering, & metadata augmentation

Data is tagged & metadata including ontologies & relevant glossaries allow for ease of access and retrieval. Data is transformed or re-engineered, as required, to ensure accessibility & ease of retrieval. Governance structures are set in place to ensure quality, consistency & dependability of the data.


Data access and virtualization

Data warehousing and storage is architected in the cloud/ in hybrid mode ensuring ease of access to all relevant data to all teams.


Data retrievability & associations

Access to data is immediate and available across all teams. Relevant metadata ensures associations across datasets that was not apparent emerge, increasing reliability for organizational decisioning.


Data-led decisioning & automation

Machine-led and automated systems allow for quick and easy retrieval of dispersed and diverse data sets enabling rapid and right-scale data-led decisioning.

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Identifying, sourcing and Organizing data is one of the most fundamental set of functions that is needed to start a data management initiative. Most of the work is done once this is in place and then followed by aspects like Data Quality, MDM
and Data Governance mechanisms. MResult’s Data Management capability encompasses the entire spectrum of Data Engineering, Dat Quality, Governance, ETL and MDM using a range of technologies like Informatica, Talend , Alteryx among others to accomplish this. The subject matter knowledge and technical knowhow that MResult brings to the table is best in class given that we have the expertise
across some of the largest clients in the world when it comes to data volumes and complexity.

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