Analytics MLabs teams helped an F100 biopharma firm innovate top-end analytics solutions to boost process oversight and efficiency of the finance function


Organizations today are looking for highly-calibrated analytics that help rapidly ramp up employee efficiency, process optimization, and strategy formulation. This involves building multi-layered solutions that address every need from data ingestion, predictive insights right up to seamless end-user access.

An F100 biopharma wanted to empower its finance function to supervise pan-organizational money flows better with cutting-edge analytics capabilities that:


MResult MLabs teams collaborated with the client to build analytics solutions that enabled process oversight as well as predictive capability, were completely customizable, and were quickly scalable.

At the F100 biopharma the MResult MLabs team:


The high-end customized analytics solutions helped employees work better, and leaders to optimize processes, save costs, and leverage information for strategy formulation. At the F100 biopharma:


The usage monitoring solution helped the finance function understand user behaviour and tailor dashboards accordingly as well as optimize licensing costs considerably


The ticket management system provided a comprehensive view of the performance and productivity of the support team, resulting in optimization of team size, support, and maintenance


The custom-built, fully scalable solution provided a real-time overview as well as predictive snapshots of the accounts payable and fixed assets processes to support strategy building; and the flexibility to add future predictive and prescriptive analytical capabilities, thus saving on costs.

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