Advanced, on-the-go analytics helps a leading marketing agency build effective campaigns for its clients


The client, a global leader in marketing and analytics was running campaigns for a set of their clients, large biopharmaceutical companies, on multiple platforms.  

The client needed a solution that would bring all the data together for each client account and develop advanced reports and in-depth analytics to enable them to target campaigns more effectively. 

The platform was also required to share unified reports with individual clients without them having to buy subscriptions for additional tools. 


The unified data views and real-time reports helped the client  


The unified data views and real-time reports helped the client. The product was very flexible as it was developed entirely in-house and is now customized for multiple marketing agencies to develop analytics based on their client specifications


Measure and improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaign for pharma clients


Identified granular target segments and mapped their touchpoints from exposure to ads to medial rep visits. This information was used to target campaigns and improve campaign performance


Provide secure access to data and reports for clients and partners such as agencies and vendors. This boosted trust, transparency and cooperation across the value chain.

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