Testing and Automation

Testing & Automation

Implement Agile Testing and Automation practices as part of
your Continuous Delivery process

MResult Testing Services aims to improve your company’s software and business stability, with a comprehensive range of testing solutions that fit into the ever evolving Agile and DevOps modes of development cycles.

The role of the QA has changed over time from a ‘Tester’ to a broader ‘Technical Testing Specialist’ involved from inception to delivery. MResult offers such personalized test engineering personnel to clients across industries and technology platforms.

With the growth of automation and its standardization in the Application SDLC, MResult has provided expert automation acceleration solutions as part of its core development deliverables as well as external independent service offerings.

Our offerings

Independent Software Testing Services

  • Independent Testing group comprising of experienced high-performing test assets that assure reliability.
  • Accelerate your Time-To-Release and thus Time-To-Market of deliverables.
  • Improve product quality and minimize testing costs.
  • Quick Staff augmentation on your project needs.
  • Mid-Scale to Enterprise Software Testing and Test Management.
  • QA Team deployed on internal products and also on providing third party testing services.
  • Quality Assurance Solutions for Functional Testing, White Box Testing and Non Functional Testing (Compatibility, Performance, Load, Security, Usability, Localization, Compliance and more).
Test Advisory & Management



Automation as a Service

  • Reduce costs of manual software verification by moving to automation.
  • Quickly and cost effectively integrate Automation into your existing development lifecycle.
  • Wide Industry Standard Automation Tools experience.
  • Automation needs that are analysed on case basis and recommended for client wise usage.
  • Expert Test Architects to build the test action and business process tests using our Hybrid Automation frameworks.