Project and Portfolio Management

Project and Portfolio Management

Learn how we help our clients achieve outstanding business results from their existing or planned PMO/PPM implementations

Benefits of implementing best practices in PMO/PPM

  • Alignment of Business Strategy and Project Execution
  • Visibility into the Projects Portfolio
  • Optimum Resource Utilization
  • Measure Return on Investment
  • Reduce Risk

Project and Portfolio Management

The primary objective of PPM is to ensure that the organization is doing the right things, while that of a PMO is ensuring the organization
is doing things right. In other words, PPM governs which requests get selected for funding and resources and become active projects while the
PMO is then responsible for governing all active projects, making certain that each project is run using a common project management approach.

Our consultants have decades of experience in various aspects of PMO/PPM implementation, including evaluation of organizational PMO/PPM process
maturity, evaluating various PMO/PPM tools available in the market and recommending the best fit for the organization, designing and deploying
implementation plans for company-wide roll-outs, managed services, preparing custom reports as per the organization’s requirements etc.

Our offerings

PMO/PPM Best Practices Consulting Services

Avail the advice of our seasoned consultants and improve the efficiency of your PPO/PPM processes across the whole spectrum.

Assessment of PMO/PPM process maturity

Evaluate the process maturity of your existing PMO/PPM processes to improve existing processes and stakeholder engagement.

PMO/PPM Tool Evaluation

Figure out the best PMO/PPM tool for your organization based on process maturity, cost-benefit ratio and alignment with strategic objectives.


PMO/PPM Tool Implementation

Implement & configure PMO/PPM platforms on premise or on the cloud, as per best practices, quickly and with the least hassle.

PMO/PPM Managed Services

Free up your PMO personnel by providing them critical and much needed support with the help of our Managed Services organization.

PMO/PPM Custom Report Development

Get the desired visibility and insight into your PMO/PPM activities with custom dashboards and reports, and leverage project investments efficiently.