Analytics and Process Support

Analytics and Process Support

Less time collecting information = More time gaining insights.

Most successful businesses today have ensured their growth by reinventing their operations and strategy around information, analytics and the insights derived from them. However a lot of time and effort is spent on building reliable information, leaving very little time to analyze it.

What if the same actionable information was presented to you by someone reliable at a fraction of the cost? Wouldn’t you prefer your employees spending time in deriving insights and delivering results?

Our Analytics & Process Support Team has been enabling clients to do exactly this by gathering, processing & analyzing data, and building reports and dashboards as needed, thus providing invaluable support to our clients for over a decade.

Our teams, with a well-proportioned mix of technical and business skills, work as an extension of the client team while freeing them up to focus better on critical business needs and deliver more projects.

Functional Areas


Build and enhance knowledge bases with high quality data that is essential to your business.


Manage & understand trial performance across your portfolio efficiently with data management and analytical support across the entire spectrum.


Avail end to end functional process support for your finance teams so that you can stay on top of your financial metrics, statements and reporting.


I wanted to drop you a thank you note for stepping up on the deliverables that have recently been assigned to you with me. I have really been impressed with your pro-activeness, follow-up and transparency around progress. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…..Keep up the great work

Divisional Leadership team, Fortune 500 client

The rollout of the dashboard is a key milestone in delivering timely and insightful compliance analytics capabilities to us. The self-service tool with a simple and intuitive interface will allow compliance representatives to explore and identify high risk sites based on defined criteria and the flexibility to accommodate study specific needs

Key Stakeholder of client team, Leading BioPharmaceutical

Thanks so much for pulling this ad-hoc. Very creative approach and a perfect example of going above and beyond!
Thanks a ton!

Senior Team Member, US Based Multinational

In the past few weeks with resource constraints in our group, team has stepped up remarkably with ad-hoc requirements and conflicting business priorities. Not to forget they recently joined our group and absorbed details very quickly and delivered a quality product. Please join us in congratulating the rising stars of our team.

Senior Team Member, US Based Multinational

MResult Advantage

Smart Teams

Teams with a well-proportioned mix of technical and business skills.

Strong domain experience

Good knowledge of multiple domains in the organization and quick learners as well.

Trusted Partners

Strongly believe that we are an extension of the client’s team.

Agile and Flexible

Can scale up on demand as well as bring in other technology expertise as needed.




Case Study

Helping a client team to deliver twice as many analytic projects as before

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