Executive Team


Meet the Leadership Team

Sekhar Naik

Founder, CEO, President

Mohan Naik

President, MResult India

Yann Beaullan-Thong

Executive Vice President Business Development

Marianne Cimmino

Vice President of Operations

Sanjay Sahoo

Vice President of Solutions and Delivery

Sachin Patil

Vice President, Go-To-Market Strategy and Solutions

Richard Tedeschi

Vice President Business Development

Bill Palifka

Vice President of Business Development

Mathi Venkatachalam

Vice President of the Decision Science Practices

Atashi Bhattacherjee

Vice President, Analytics & Business Process Solutions

Richard Durishin

Vice President Business Development

Peter Marcouillier

Senior Director of Client Solutions

Taporat Tyagi

Project Director

Samantha Coogan

Director of Operations

Ravi Padukone

Director of Operations, Australia